Rolando Garduño – Film director and editor

My films focus on the drama found in life’s everyday, little, ordinary situations. For me, filmmaking is a medium that reveals the hidden layers in our reality. The power of cinema resides in its poetry. Poetry, is one of the most powerful states of art, because its endless generosity prevails through its simplicity, because every reading is intimately for you, whenever you need it.

I was born in Mexico City in 1978. I moved to Monterrey city to study journalism and had worked on several positions in the national television and radio as well as in advertising for over a decade, but this has never fulfilled me. Inspired by the free spirit of the european cinema, I decided to study film and had enrolled in FAMU (Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) in the editing department to get a deeper understanding of the film craft. During this time period I directed and edited several short films, while discovering my own film language. My latest project – What Would You Like To See? is a 20 minutes short film, which had its Czech premier being part of the inaugural screening at the film festival La Película in the city of Prague, February 19th 2019. The film has also won the Best Student short film award in Oaxaca FilmFest 2019.

Currently I am finishing the Master’s Editing Program at FAMU and have been developing a screenplay for a feature film.

Photo credit: Jan Hrubý